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Play Sheets Playday

  • September 12, 2021
  • 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM (PDT)
  • Zoom - online


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with Kristi Darwick


Sunday, September 12, 1:30pm

This program will be part of our Practice Challenge. We'll be using Play Sheets as motivation to experiment and for practice. The variations are only limited by our imagination.  Kristi was inspired by Kingsley Benefield, who in turn, adopted the concept during classes with Marsha Brady. During this session, we'll walk through guided exercises to enhance our enthusiasm around the practice of calligraphy and will talk about formatting your own ideas. 


This is a VERY freeform session. There are a few suggested (NOT required) materials (bold) and the others are simply ideas to get you thinking about what you’d like to have on hand. You will choose your own materials, tools, and hands/techniques with which you’d like to Play.  We will be Playing and Experimenting - choose what YOU’D like to work on during this two-hour session.

Text: A list of words or a short phrase to write (Kristi likes this, Kingsley prefers not to have pre-set text)

Paper (possibly a sheet or two that that can handle a little water, some might like to try several different types of paper--Kristi will be demoing Drawing paper)
  Sizes: Any size you’d like to use—larger will allow more play (See the bottom of this list if you’d like to create pieces to use for next month’s Meander Books)

Tools - those you’d like to use or experiment with   (Favorite pens/nibs, inks, gouache, watercolor, etc.  Brush pens, folded pen, ruling pen, colored pencils, Automatic pens, flat brush)

Kristi will demo with a double-pencil (two sharpened pencils, not hard, such as #2, HB, B, 2B, bound together with rubber bands or tape near lead and eraser ends)

   We may also demo writing on curves, so you may wish to have a circle ruler or compass handy. Drawing freeform is just fine, too. 

Black .01 marker (pencil will do)

Adding color to black lettering: colored markers, watercolor, colored pencils, watercolor pencils

Lettering Aids: For those who want to incorporate practice of a particular hand or two: any exemplars you wish to reference; appropriate guidelines, (some may wish to work without guidelines); OR ruler or t-square, pencil, and eraser. 

For those who will want to use their paper for next month’s project:  Meander Books with Eva-Lynn Diesenhaus https://societyforcalligraphy.org/event-4108250:

We'll create a box and books using one sheet of paper for each. You'll come away with a box with a lid and four books inside.  You may wish to use your Playsheets from the September program. You probably wish to  work on full sheets and cut later. Eva Lynn says this paper can be on the inside or outside of the boxes.

For the box and lid: 

90# mixed media paper (Eva-Lynn used Canson).

 Cut to the following sizes: 1 at 9"x9”; 1 at 4.75"x4.75”

For the books:

Text weight 

Cut to the following sizes: 2 at 8.5"x 11”; 2 at 11"x11”

Questions? E-mail Kristi at sdworkshops@societyforcalligraphy.org. NO audio or video recording of any program, meeting, workshop or other SfC function permitted without prior consent of both guest artist and a representative of the Board of Governors. ** You must ask permission of the artist/ instructor to photograph any copyrighted materials, including demos.


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