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Nib Holder Book

  • April 24, 2021
  • 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM (PDT)
  • Zoom - online


  • Current member of the Society for Calligraphy

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About the program: SfC member,  Jane Matsumoto, will lead us through a fun program where we'll create a place to store our nibs or to give a gift of nibs! The tri-fold holder with an accordion style center which allows the sections holding the slots for the nibs, to fold out for easy access. Start saving corrugated cardboard, either from packaging or boxes! You will need a small sheet to make one of these nifty nib holders.

About Jane: Jane is a calligrapher, lettering and watercoloring artist from the Bay Area. She was born and raised in San Francisco and moved to San Jose 22 years ago. She has worked in the education of young children for the past 19 years. Jane is passionate about sharing her knowledge, love, and joy for the calligraphic arts. 

Questions: Alessandra at iepv.sfcworkshops@gmail.com


Things you will need for Jane’s Nib Holder Session

Solid Cardstock

W:  4-1/4” x  H: 7”

W:  4-1/4” x H:  8-1/2”

W:  4” x H:  4-1/2” (will be cut into thinner rectangles)

Designer Cardstock or Marbled Paper or Patterned Paper (thicker paper makes this holder more sturdy)

W: 4” x H: 6-3/4”

W: 3-3/4” x H: 3-3/4” (will be cut into thinner rectangles)

Corrugated Cardboard (from a box)

W- 4” x L- 4-1/2” (the holes go across the top (4”) and will be cut into thinner rectangles)


Test the holes with a few different sized nibs to make sure the nibs fit well in the slots.


Paper Trimmer or Cutting Mat, ruler with thick edge or metal edge, X-acto knife or similar cutting tool


Scor-Pal Measuring and Scoring Board or similar tool for scoring lines

Scor-Tape or similar double sided tape or favorite glue 

Additional Materials for closures


Ribbons / Twine

Button and twine

Wax seal, lighter or similar flame, 2” x 2” piece of parchment paper (I will demo a quick trick)

"These are links to supplies that I will be using during the workshop. Please try to use what you already have. I recommend that you take the workshop first, see what I use,  and then look into getting additional supplies. These are only suggestions."

Scor Pal Tape (double sided sticky tape) - this one is 1/2" wide. There are options.

Basic Grey magnetic snaps - this one is the large size. If you prefer the smaller size, you will need to purchase it as a set

Natural Jute Twine 

Cotton Baker's Twine - for those that prefer softer twine

1/8" satin ribbon 

Natural Coconut Shell Buttons

Scor-Pal Scor-Buddy - this one is a mini version. There are different sizes and they look different to mine. Mine are not scored at 1/8ths. You can use a paper trimmer such as a Fiskars with a scoring blade (black) or a stylus or bone folder to score the lines. 

Corrugated cardboard sheets - this is in case you do not have access to cardboard.

Cardstock 65 lb - no less than this or it will be too thin - or use a file folder

Cardstock 80 lb - a little thicker

Heavy 100 lb cardstock  - this is an example of very thick cardstock

Designer Scrapbook paper - this is an example of designer or scrapbook paper

"Wax Seal" - If you like to do closures using the wax seal process, then you will have a preference of materials to use. I like to use a lighter and the wax with a seal. Others prefer the spoon or glue gun method. Again, this is simply another option. Watch the workshop first and then decide if this is an option for you. If you are interested in supplies for this process, here are some suggestions.

Wax options:

Sealing wax sticks

Sealing wax beads

Sealing wax spoon


Parchment Paper

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