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Writing on Circles and Curves

  • September 11, 2022
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (PDT)
  • Zoom - online

Presenter: Debby Reelitz

    Sponsored by our San Diego Chapter

SAVE THE DATE!  We'll open registration as we get closer 

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP: Seeing your calligraphy in a circle is an exciting design component. During this three-hour workshop, we will practice lettering on a curve and how to calculate, draw and letter a full circle of text. I'd recommend focusing on just one lettering style and applying the techniques to that one lettering style. Digital handouts will be provided prior to class.

ABOUT DEBBY:  Debby Reelitz is a professional calligrapher in North Granby, Connecticut.  Introduced to calligraphy by her 5th grade teacher, she dabbled for years until opening her own calligraphy studio in Chicago. For more than 24 years, she has been a professional lettering artist, creating awards, gifts, commissions, chalkboards, writing on walls, teaching and much more. She has been teaching calligraphy and related skills for more than 15 years. Information can be found at her website: http://letteringdesign.com




*calligraphy nib or brush for the lettering style/size you have chosen (those using a broad edge lettering style, have several sizes of nibs)

*guidelines (straight) for the lettering style and size you have chosen

*writing medium: ink, gouache or watercolor



*paper for lettering (paper with 25% cotton is recommended, ie: a resume paper)

*pencil  & sharpener


*2 quotes 9-15 words long (hopefully that will be about 12-18” of text in length)

Questions? E-mail Kristi at sdworkshops@societyforcalligraphy.org. NO audio or video recording of any program, meeting, workshop or other SfC function permitted without prior consent of both guest artist and a representative of the Board of Governors. ** You must ask permission of the artist/ instructor to photograph any copyrighted materials, including demos.

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