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Neuland Lettering:  Introduction & Exploration

  • February 12, 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (PST)
  • Online - Zoom


  • Current paid member of the Society for Calligraphy in southern California
  • Not a current member of the Society for Calligraphy in southern California

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Presenter: Yvonne Perez-Collins

Sponsor: San Diego Chapter 

This was first planned pre-pandemic. We are switching to online. Some materials are probably hard-to-get and you may wish to make substitutions. 


SfC membership not required. 

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: This is an alphabet by German type designer Rudolf Koch while he worked at the Klingspor Type Foundry. He was a skilled calligrapher in his own right.  In this class you will learn the simple principles of Neuland and then also enjoy writing with the alternative letterforms.  Think of it as a guided tour but then you will be on your own and the only rule is to explore and be inspired by what you see being created.  This versatile hand is useful for broadsides, envelopes, certificates, ceramic pots, walls and posters.


ABOUT YVONNE: Yvonne Perez-Collins taught Textile Surface Design twenty-four years that included state and national conferences. She has always enjoyed learning as much as teaching. Feeling that lightbulb moment doesn’t get old and is only better when you can turn it on for someone else. Yvonne continues to work in numerous mediums with lettering and various arts. She teaches bookmaking in San Diego libraries to various age groups. Visit: envisionitsandiego.com

COST: No cost for the program. For the U.S. and Canada, purchase of the inexpensive kit is recommended. (Past deadline to order--see below for substitution suggestions.


Additional Kit Recommended -  Scroll down
  • C-thru ruler
  • mechanical pencil
  • white eraser
  • water container, few paper towels
  • watercolor set (in pan or palette not tubes)
  • 1/4” flat brush
  • 1/2” flat brush/optional
  • Speedball C-2
  • 6mm Parallel Pen
  • Walnut Ink, Higgins Eternal, or Pelikan 4001 suggested (or whatever ink you like)
  • a stamp pad of any kind, if you have one
  • general all-purpose paper for practice writing that holds ink, we’ll make our own lines white or light color ok
    scrap cardstock, art paper, watercolor, printmaking paper that you can write a name or word on and later use it on a card or project.
  • Any broad edge tool you would like to write with 1/4”-1/2”

Kit for Neuland Workshop: ($2 for U.S. members (ordered before Jan 29), $3 for Canadian (ordered before Jan 15), no kits available outside of North America. PayPal payment orders kit.

2 sheets of Pacon 9” x 12“(cut into thirds to fit envelope)- I get from Blick, Pacon Bright White Sulphite Drawing Paper comes only in 500 sheet reams $13.95. Nice for practice, all- purpose, has tooth. I thought putting in kits would give an opportunity to try out. Popular choice in some calligraphy circles for practice or demo.

1 bamboo stick cut in half with () profile, all ends sanded smooth for use- These are stir sticks for coffee or tea. I like the texture and shape of the bamboo end. A balsa rectangle dowel 1/8” x 1/4” and 5” long is another option(cut one or two). Pay attention to the stir sticks the next time you go out to a soup and sandwich kind of eatery.

Tongue depressor prepared with basket reed to used as writing tool- I bought a box of similar size at Michael’s and taped a short piece of reed that is used for weaving baskets that extends beyond the end of the tongue depressor. Unless you have a store in your area that has basketmaking supplies or know someone who surely will be willing to share a few inches of reed, or you can find suppliers online who sell 90 ft. coils. ; /

Piece of foam to cushion for stamping- This is a small, thin piece of craft foam that you can find at any craft store. You will be working slowly so a small piece will suffice but if you have a whole piece that is 9” x 12”, you won’t have to worry about staying on the cushioned work area. It’s around $1.

Please do not order if you are outside of North America. We cannot guarantee receipt and postage may be higher. We cannot make refunds!


WE'RE NOW PAST THE DEADLINE TO ORDER A KIT. Please substitute tools and materials. 

PEN: approximately 1/4” (comparable to 6mm Parallel Pen with Blue cap, 3 or 3A Automatic Pen) and another 3/4” wide.

You will want paper that will handle wide strokes with wet writing fluid. Thicker sketch paper, watercolor or mixed media paper, or Arches Text Wove should allow you to work along on the exercises. 
   Note from Yvonne: Handouts will include 4 different grid sheets, sized for 6mm and 3/4” wide tools and you will learn how to line your own.  Remember, the larger (wider) the nib, the larger the letter, therefore more paper will be needed for your lettering.  You may want to put the guideline sheet in a plastic sleeve If you choose to put it under your good paper and work on a light table.  This lettering can get juicy if you use an Automatic pen or others.  If you letter directly on the photocopied guidelines, that paper might bleed through the back so you will want a second sheet of scrap paper underneath to absorb excess ink.


Contact Name and email: Kristi Darwick, societyforcalligraphyevents@gmail.com

NO audio or video recording of any program, meeting, workshop or other SfC function permitted consent of both guest artist and a representative of the Board of Governors. *** You must ask permission of the artist/instructor to photograph any copyrighted materials, including demos. 

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