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Romans Study Group (Member-led - Repeat of Apr 1 session)

  • April 21, 2022
  • 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM (PDT)


  • Current member of SfC (paid or honorary member)
  • Not a current paid SfC member

Registration is closed

Sponsored by THU, APR 21  1:30-3:00PM PST

1:30 Share our work

2:00 (or earlier) Demo spacing based on work submitted by a participant

2:15 (approx)  Inspired by Imre Reiner's work, we'll play with decorated letters

This month we'll work together to create decorated capitals based on Imre Reiner's 

No charge for these Study Group Sessions.

This session will be led by Kristi Darwick. We plan to record this session. 


For spacing exercises:
  • Practice Paper: such as, graph paper—8 squares per inch, layout/marker paper, printer paper, computer print-out paper
  • Either a pencil/eraser, or your broad-edged pen and your favorite ink, same as last time. (If working at 1/2" tall, nibs: Speedball C3, Brause 2mm, Mitchell 2.)
For Imre Reiner play:
  • Paper that will take a small amount of  water--Strathmore or Canson Mixed Media paper, hot press watercolor paper, Strathmore drawing or sketch paper, etc.
  •  For drawing lines: straight holder and pointed nib and black ink - waterproof or not 
         OR markers .005 or .01 and .05
  • Pencil (mechanical or other sharp pencil), eraser, and ruler
  • Your choice of color and media: colored pencils OR watercolor pencils OR watercolors OR colored markers. 
  • Container of water and pointed brush (No.1 or 2 would be good, or a water brush ) if using watercolors or watercolor pencils


Lightbox if using opaque paper.

Membership not required

Zoom invitation and handouts  are sent a couple days in advance.

If you signed up later than that, please email to Kristi, so she can forward to you.

Questions? Kristi at societyforcalligraphyevents@gmail.com

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