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Study Group - Monoline Italic

  • September 23, 2022
  • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (PDT)
  • Zoom - online


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  • Current paid or honorary member of the Society for Calligraphy

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Presenter: Cindy Jones Lantier

Nina Tran's work

Sponsor: Inland Empire/Pomona Valley Chapter

Friday, September 23, 2022  6:30-8PM PDT

About this session: The Inland Empire/Pomona Valley aims to help our members build on what they've learned with us. This session was initially planned for participants of the Basic Monoline Italic workshop with Nina Tran. We're expanding to invite others, but Italics experience will be necessary, as this is not a teaching session and handouts are not provided. Those who didn't attend the workshop with Nina will need their own exemplars, guidelines, and understanding of how to write the Italic hand. 

    We aren't masters--we can help each other! Cindy Jones Lantier will lead. Bring your questions and your problems with writing monoline italics! We will introduce  a book project to help motivate all of us to keep practicing and to use what we've learned. The book will be finished in our next Monoline Italic Study Group session. 

Membership in SfC is encouraged, but not required. We invite non-members to check us out!

    We'll start with sharing--you're invited to share what you've  created during or after Nina's class, and any italic work you've done. 

Required Skill Level: some knowledge of Italics required, either from Nina's session, or previous classes/workshops. Session will be recorded.


From Cindy, practice from Nina's class

Supply List

  • Practice paper, transparent enough to see your guidelines. For example, layout paper
  • Your preference of monoline tool, such as, pen (fountain pen, glass pen, fine-line marker, gel pen) OR pencil (mechanical, or wooden). May want an eraser.
  • Exemplar and guidelines
  • Re-positionable tape, such as washi
  • Paper clips 
Supplies for Book (only the inside sheets will be used at this session):

Finished Book will be 5.5 x 8.5" for those using 8.5x11" paper. (Half the size of whatever paper you are using.) You can use whatever size paper you'd like, but all pieces need to be the same size, including the cover. You'll want to write only on one side. 

  • Paper for cover 8.5x11" or A4. Can be scrapbook paper or any other paper or card-stock you'd like , cut to size, if needed.
  • Practice paper  8.5x11" or A4. The back of the pages will not be visible, so we suggest you write on only one side. Although this book structure is expandable, for the version that will be presented in this brief program, you'll probably want to include only about three pages, plus the cover
  • Glue stick or other not-too-wet glue, such as Yes, which won't cause excessive buckling. Double-stick tape is an alternative, especially for the cover
  • Scrap of paper for label on cover - any paper you'd like, even graph paper
  • Clips for holding paper in place while gluing (binder, bullnose--regular paper clips will do, in a pinch)

NO audio or video recording of any program, meeting, workshop or other SfC function permitted without consent of both guest artist and a representative of the Board of Governors. *** You must ask permission of the artist/instructor to photograph any copyrighted materials, including demos. 

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