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Gelli-Printing with Printers' Inks (MEMBERS-ONLY)

  • December 03, 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM (PST)
  • IN-PERSON - Scripps Ranch Community Center, 11885 Cypress Canyon Road, (near Scripps Poway Parkway and Cypress Canyon Road)

Presented by Kristi Darwick

Sponsored by your San Diego Chapter 


ABOUT THIS PROGRAM: Can you picture these circles printed in place on paper or fabric, or printed, then cut-out and glued onto a writing surface? We've studied calligraphy in circles and these can be a great shape to write around. The 3" Gelli-plate will be perfect for 5x7 greeting cards. This will be an enjoyable session--a chance to get messy with your fellow art and lettering enthusiasts. All levels are welcome.

(Kristi learned this from member, Linda Elder, when she taught it to several central California members.)

We will provide the round Gelli Plates (3" diameter), as well as Printers' Ink, and a few other supplies. (Scroll down for the supply list.)

Attendees will take home a mini-Gelli-plate. (We cannot mail them to those who don't attend in-person.)


Members-Only. Attendance will be limited.


REGISTRATION IS CLOSED so that supply packets can be compiled for each participant.

Non-refundable unless your place can be filled from the waitlist.



We will supply:

  • 3” round Gelli Plates (feel free to also bring your own Gelli-Plates of different shapes and sizes. Small sizes are especially nice for gaining quick results.)
  • Deli paper, rice paper, copier paper
  • Printers' inks
  • Assorted acrylic paints and inks (You may wish to bring any of your favorite colors)
  • Stencils, texture plates, and other materials for masking.

Participants will bring:

  • A table cover--a plastic dollar-store rectangular tablecloth or shower curtain will work fine
  • Brayer (if you don't have one, we will have a couple to share.)
  • Paper: Your favorites with which to experiment. Scraps are great! You may wish to try printing on black. Fabric is great to try!
  • Any favorite colors of acrylic paints or inks.
  • Favorite stencils, plant materials, feathers, rubber stamps, and other materials (yarn or anything else you can think of—be creative!) to serve as masks; mark-making tools for experimentation.
  • If you have a soft, synthetic brush that you use for acrylics, you may wish to bring that. We'll be playing and this could come in handy for making leaf shapes! Kristi will have a couple to share, also. 
  • Paper plate to use as pallet (we'll have a few to share for those who forget)
  • Paper towels, wet wipes, rag, etc, for cleaning your brayer (we'll have a few to share)

Show and Share: Please bring  anything you have been working on that you’d like to share with those present.

Give-aways: This is a good place to pass on artist supplies you no longer need, but that may be treasures to another member. Kristi will be bringing donated items to pass on.

Questions, please contact Kristi at sdworkshops@societyforcalligraphy.org 

Our San Diego chapter hasn't had an in-person event since March 2020. During the pandemic, we lost our regular venue. We'll meet at Scripps Ranch Community Center. (We may be able to assist with organizing carpools--please contact Kristi.) With regards to pandemic, the flu, etc., we will follow local health rules in place at the time. There should be plenty of tables to spread out and distance.

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