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Let's Make Finished Pieces - Study Group-Registration

  • February 24, 2023
  • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (PST)
  • Zoom - online


  • Current member of SfC (paid or honorary member)

Registration is closed

SfC MEMBERS ONLY - No charge for these Study Group Sessions.

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Above is Kristi's Word Painting made under the direction of Sherri Thornton - this is part of the Inland Empire/Pomona Valley chapter's virtual exhibit found at: https://societyforcalligraphy.org/Regionals

Friday, February 24, 2023,  6:30-8:00PM PST - SfC MEMBERS, ONLY

We want to encourage and motivate our members to create finished pieces. And being involved with these new sessions should help us all improve our skills. We'll learn about design principles and how we might apply them, and we'll have the opportunity to seek critiques from our fellow participants. And, for those who are interested, we'll create a private Facebook group to continue our interaction between sessions. 

   And, watch for workshops that can supplement what we learn in these sessions! Your input is welcome, regarding design topics you'd like to study. 

When you create a piece you love, then we encourage you to exhibit it, but there is no obligation!

Study Group sessions are usually led by members, sharing what they have learned--we're all learning together! From time-to-time, we will have guest presenters. 

The session will be led by Kristi Darwick. We plan to record this session. Kristi asks that you remind her!

General Agenda

1. We'll  start with sharing of the participants recent work. Some participated in Letters California Style  and we'd love to see the results. 

2. Share our work, those who wish can ask for suggestions from the participants 

3. Review the day's topic: Focus on more  Framing, a principles of design

4. Another chance to share and invite critique (always optional) or to ask more questions.

Pre-session Preparation: If you haven't joined our private Facebook group, we strongly encourage you to do that. Participants can ask questions and make suggestions for getting the most from our projects. If you wish to join, please contact Kristi at sdworkshops@societyforcalligraphy.org 

Month's Project: We'll continue with our projects. 


  • Pencil or pen and paper for note-taking
  • You can make notes on the handouts, but you also may wish to dedicate a journal to your notes and sketches.
  • Whatever tools/materials are needed for whatever phase you are in with your project(s)

Paid/honorary SfC Membership is required for these sessions.

Zoom invitation and handouts are sent a couple days in advance.

If you sign up later than that, we will mail again before the session. It's not guaranteed that you'll receive them beforehand, if you sign up the day of . . .

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