The Society is served by seven regional chapters. Each chapter initiates and plans meetings, workshops, and/or activities, to supplement the Society for Calligraphy (SfC) parent-organization events. The goal is to ensure that each geographic area has activities which encourage individual development and to provide social opportunities. Members of SfC may attend the events of any chapter. Membership in a chapter of your choice (up to two), entitles you to the services provided by that chapter (events/newsletter/activities). Check the main calendar listing for Regional events or contact the Regional Liaison for more information and for the schedule of region-wide meetings.


Orange County Society for Calligraphy

Click here to email Chris Ewen, Orange County Representative

See Orange County events




 Read Orange Ink, OCSfC’s newsletter       Read last month's Orange Ink, OCSfc's  newsletter


San Diego Society for Calligraphy 

Click here to email Kristi Darwick, San Diego Representative

See San Diego events

Instagram: @sdsocietyforcalligraphy


 Read San Diego’s newsletter

Links  to Videos of Programs Shared with You by the San Diego chapter of SfC

Card folders and more: . 

Supplies: 2022-08-13_Supplies_CardFoldersAndMore.pdf

Templates: 2022-08-13_Folder-2 5x7.pdf

2022-08-13_Your completed pattern should look like this.pdf

Envelope Tips: 2022-08-13_EnvelopeTips.pdf

San Fernando Valley

The Valley Flourishes

Click here to email Jann Marks, San Fernando Valley Representative

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Read San Fernando Valley's newsletter                           Read San Fernando Valley's last newsletter

San Gabriel Valley

San Gabriel Valley Society for Calligraphy

Click here to email Sylvia Kowal, San Gabriel Valley Representative

Instagram: @san.gabe.sfcSLABulletin.pdf

See San Gabriel Valley events

South Los Angeles

Solar Nibs

Click here to email Linda Renner, South Los Angeles Representative

See South Los Angeles events




 Read Solar Nibs’ newsletter

West Los Angeles

Westside Society for Calligraphy

Click here to email Barbara Levy-Ratner, West Los Angeles Representative

See West Los Angeles events

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