The SfC offers free programs to the public throughout the year as part of our mission to support and share calligraphy in Southern California. 

Upcoming events

    • August 13, 2022
    • 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM (PDT)

    Presenter: Wendy Telford

    Sponsored by: San Diego SfC


    Free Outreach Program

    We've organized this no-pressure program as a summer bonus for our members. Non-members are welcome, too!

    In July 2020, member, Wendy Telford, led SfC's first Zoom program. We had a great time making card folders, using supplies we had around the house. We've decided to reprise that program, with additional variations and card structures. 

    About the Program: We will make folders, two designs at  4" x 5.5”, as well as a larger design at 5 x 7--all incorporate pockets.  These can be used for so many things . . . a birthday card with enclosing a gift card, a place for little notes to be included in a package. . . it's an empty canvas that you can embellish with photographs or decorated papers.  One sheet of scrapbook paper will yield two of the smaller triple-fold cards.  Double or single sided, either paper will provide different options.  It's a good way to use up those pretty papers and small left-over pieces you've been hanging onto. No calligraphy will be taught in this session, but this structure can incorporate, or be used to send, calligraphy work. Workshop will be recorded and available to registered participants for one month. 

    Please have your patterns printed prior to our program. Let me know

    if you have any questions about the patterns.

    Patterns will be sent on Monday August 8, and require some advance assembly. Zoom invitation will be sent a couple days in advance.

    For interested members, we'll organize a follow-up mail-exchange.

    Supplies to create the folders – have these ready at the start of program: 

    •  Stylus or score tool (anything you use to score paper) 

    •  Bone folder (you can use the side of a spoon or scissors)

    •  1/8” double sided tape (recommended) or glue stick

    •  A few pages of waste-paper for gluing (copier paper, old catalog, etc.)

    • Ruler, at least 12”, and a triangle to make sure corners are square

    •   For the first folder:  

    One sheet of 12"x 12" scrapbook paper (this will yield 2 folders) or any paper that measures at least 6" x 12" (for a single folder). See instruction handout

    for altering the pattern to make it 12” long. Your paper can be double-

    sided or single-sided, patterned or solid. If single-sided, you'll want complimentary paper to decorate the inside of your Card Folder.

    • For the second folder:

    One sheet of paper 11 x 16.  Complimentary paper (approx 8x10) to decorate the base folder.

     For the third folder:

    One sheet of 8 ½ x 11 cardstock, patterned or solid, plus scraps to decorate your folder.

      Supplies to decorate the folder - look through your stash! 

    Old calendar pages • Maps • Photos • Washi tape • Stickers • Rubberstamps/ink pad • Decorative edged scissors (like pinking shears)            •  Any ephemera that you would like to use (should be flat). 

    • Optional supplies (nice to have) Paper cutter or trimmer Cutting mat

    Questions? Kristi at NO audio or video recording of any program, meeting, workshop or other SfC function permitted without prior consent of both guest artist and a representative of the Board of Governors.  You must ask permission of the artist/ instructor to photograph any copyrighted materials, including demos.

    • September 09, 2022
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (PDT)
    • Zoom - online

    Sponsored by FRI, September 9,  6:30-8PM PST

    NOTE: This is a week later than usual, due to the holiday attached to the previous weekend. 

    No charge for these Study Group Sessions.

    These sessions are led by members, sharing what they have learned. They do not claim to be masters.

    Members and guests may participate in any sessions--no requirement to attend every session. The aim is to share knowledge with newbies or provide a refresher for experienced calligraphers.  

       This first session of SfC's membership year, we will review some basic structure and spacing tips. We will base our study on skeleton Roman capitals, both formal and stylized, inspired by the work of Peter Thornton. If we have time, we'll add some watercolor, just for fun.) The session will be led by Kristi Darwick. We plan to record this session. Kristi asks that you remind her!


    1. Share our work--feel free to bring any work/practice you'd like to share that you feel will be of interest, whether related to Romans, or not. 

    2. Review the day's topic

    3. Share what we've done for the day (optional).


    Graph paper (4 or 8 squares per inch)

    Pencil (mechanical or other sharp pencil) and eraser (Kristi likes Papermates Tuff Stuff,  but any eraser will do)

    Optional activity:

    Paper that can take some water, such as drawing, watercolor, sulphate

    Pallet of watercolors

    Container of water and pointed brush (#1, 2 or 4 would be good, or a water brush )

    Markers (waterproof, or not) .08

    Lightbox if using opaque paper.

    Optional Project: Envelope

    Paper that will handle some watercolor on an envelope: such as drawing paper, sketch paper, Arches Text Wove.

    Membership not required

    Zoom invitation and handouts  are sent a couple days in advance.

    If you sign up later than that, please email to Kristi at, so she can forward them to you.

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