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Los Angeles/South Bay

Redondo Beach

Sunny Ba



Styles Written

Italic, Uncial, Foundational, Roman Caps, Gothic, Copperplate, Spencerian,  casual script & modern pointed pen variations

Services Provided

Envelope addressing for wedding invitations, holiday cards, bar/bat mitzvahs, baby announcements, birthday parties and special events. Place cards, programs, menus, vows, certificates, seating charts, other event stationery & signage on chalkboards/mirrors/other media. Personal stationery & logo design. Commissioned pieces of quotes/poetry/lyrics for gift-giving and special occasions.

Los Angeles


Bonnie Ebbs

(323) 466-4883



Styles Written

Italic, Foundational/Carolingian, Uncial, Gothic/Blackletter, Script/Copperplate/Spencerian, Brush, Roman Capitals and more.

Services Provided

Full service calligraphic studio. Invitations, envelope addressing, place cards, poems, bookmaking, resolutions, certificates and of course one-of-a-kind calligraphic artwork and more.

Los Angeles

Hedy Martin Harris

(818) 763-4339 Home

(818) 802-4632 Cell

Services Provided

Invitations and Marriage Contracts (Ketubot) hand done in Hebrew and English. Please, No Saturday calls.

Orange County


Sandy Doerr

(714) 821-0784


Styles Written

All Styles

Services Provided

Envelopes, Certificates

Central Coast

San Luis Obispo

Mary Lou Johnson

(805) 441-3246



Styles Written

Italic, Copperplate, Blackletter.

Services Provided

Elegant hand lettering and watercolour illustrations for invitations, envelope addressing. Copperplate a specialty. Full service design studio.

Orange County/South Los Angeles

Barbara Close

(714) 522-3084



Services Provided

I love designing proclamations and resolutions for corporations; custom lettering for all occasions- weddings, parties; Unique originals, one-of-a-kind individual pieces; envelope addressing; invitations; seating charts, even mirrors. I have created many greeting cards for Marcel Schurman/Papyrus; logos etc. Long history with our Society for Calligraphy.

San Fernando Valley

North Hollywood

Anne Jones

(818) 397-3926


Styles Written

All styles for special events/Can match fonts, formal, casual, whimsical, block, etc.

Services Provided

Wedding and Bar Mitzvah pieces including envelopes, place cards, escort cards, menus, custom invitations, etc. Have worked with top event planners in LA and NYC for 20 years.

San Fernando Valley


Nancy Julson




Styles Written

Illustrated and handwritten type, both traditional and digital. Can match styles and fonts.

Services Provided

Typography for design, editorial and commercial use. Wedding and event lettering.

San Fernando Valley

Van Nuys

Gary Mond

(818) 786-6085

Styles Written

Italic, Scripts (citatdel, snell, commercial, rook, casual) finehand, venetian, brush...

Services Provided

Envelopes, placecards, table numbers, poems, guest books...

San Fernando Valley

Los Angeles

Robert Saslow

(818) 908-0104



Styles Written

Hebrew: many styles; English: uncial, italic, textura, bookhand, monoline styles.

Services Provided

Primarily, I write Hebrew calligraphy. Design and create beautiful hand illuminated wedding contracts (ketubot) as well as invitations for weddings (not envelope addressing), bar/bat mitzvah, baby announcements and certificates.

San Gabriel Valley

Jackie Matosian

(626) 799-5742


Styles Written

Most styles including italic, uncial, blackletter
Other languages: Armenian and Cyrillic hands.

Services Provided

Specialize in one-of-a-kind beautiful hand illuminated pieces with original designs. Certificates, invitations, and custom lettering for all occasions.

Greater Los Angeles / San Gabriel Valley

Linda Yoshida


Styles Written

Copperplate, Spencerian, Modern Pointed Pen

Services Provided

Envelope addressing, labels, place cards, logo/identity, graphic design

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

Leslee Sipress



Styles Written

all pen styles (Spencerian, italic, old english, uncial, round hand, etc.)

Services Provided

custom invitations, place cards, seating cards, table numbers, photo albums, framed quotes and vows, katubas and contracts. Twenty-five years experience. Excellent references. Reasonable. Reliable.

South Bay


Yukimi Annand

(310) 378-9334



Styles Written

All styles including Roman Caps, Bookhand, Italic, Copperplate, Blackletter, Uncial, Brush.

Services Provided

One-of-a-kind pieces, logo design and lettering, stationery and invitations.

West Los Angeles

Jane Shibata

(310) 826-3197


Styles Written

Italic and italic variations, uncial, foundational, romans, gothic, copperplate, pointed pen scripts, drawn letters, handwriting

Services Provided

Certificates, scrolls, resolutions, documents, broadsides, handlettering/drawn lettering for packaging, envelopes/place cards, signage, simple book structures

West Los Angeles

Janet Martorello

(310) 213-8466


Services Provided

over 30 years of experience creating custom artwork including: Calligraphy & custom lettering, design, logos, books, murals, props - most everthing on most surfaces, most sizes. Personal or business, original or reproduction or computer

West Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Calligraphy by Gail

(310) 837-2020


Styles Written

Bookhand, Chancery Italic, Uncial and Hebrew

Services Provided

I hand-address envelopes, and I hand-letter invitations, place/seating cards, table numbers, certificates, diplomas and wall hangings. Also, I calligraph in Hebrew for Ketubot, diplomas and certificates.


Los Angeles

DeAnn Singh



Styles Written

Every style including handwriting

Services Provided

All wedding calligraphy, certificates, all movie props including handwriting and ancient documents.


Santa Monica

Lisa Holtzman

(310) 450-6488



Styles Written

A multitude of styles. Brush, Copperplate, Italic to name just a few.

Services Provided

I create original art/calligraphy for invitations, seating cards, envelopes, brochures, business and personal stationery. Logo design as well as lettering for film, tv, advertising, books. Lettering/Quotes on walls, Menu boards. Specialties: Diversity in lettering styles, creating new styles and variations for each particular application. Over 25 years experience. To see more calligraphy, watercolor and mixed media, please visit lisaholtzman.blogspot.com

San Diego

Elizabeth Kenney

858-755-3304 Home

858-525-3595 Cell


Styles Written

Pointed Pen

Services Provided

Envelope work for any occasion

Inland Valley


Risa Gettler

(951) 529-3010



Styles Written

Italic, Textura, Ornamental Script, Uncial.

Services Provided

Specialize in Illuminated certificates.

See the website

Northern California

Monte Sereno

Marian Gault

(408) 395-8026



Styles Written

All major hands

Services Provided

Teaching and commissions

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